Gamegoers Brave the Rain for Parking Spots

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COLUMBIA - The byproducts of Hurricane Isaac did not stop Mizzou fans from lining up early to find a good parking spot.

As with all games, a good parking spot is often hard to find. However, parking staff at Mizzou has made new arrangements to accomodate more people than usual, thanks to Mizzou's switch to the SEC.

Parking lot U attendant Lloyd Otis says he got to work at 6 a.m. Saturday morning to begin setting up for the game...and he doesn't leave until half-time. Even with the traffic, he has a special tool to help him navigate the different parking areas from his post.

"This here's my cheat-sheet," Otis said, pointing to his color coded map of parking areas.

The rain, courtesy of Hurricane Isaac, did not stop fans - and it didn't stop them from coming early. Fans began parking their cars as early as Friday night, or parked on Stadium Boulevard as early as 8 a.m. Saturday morning. Once they parked, they set up their tailgates and settled in for the day until the start of the game.