Garage Sales Startup

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COLUMBIA - Rising spring temperatures herald the opening of garage sale season in Mid-Missouri. And the low-tech home-grown industry seems to be thriving in this hi-tech world of Craigslist and Ebay.

Popular days for garage sales are Friday and Saturday. Garages sales usually start in the early morning around 7 and can go throughout the day. Some people go to garage sales every weekend.

"Pretty much every Saturday once the warmer weather hits and the garage sales start in, we make it a habit," said Sterling Strawn.

With websites like Craigslist and Ebay becoming more and more popular what motivates people to go out of their house and to a garage sale?

Jessi Conyers said, "I think people come looking for a deal. My trash is someone else's treasure."

Some of the most popular items at garage sales include children's clothes, books, and household items. These items can get expensive when buying online. Going to a garage sale can save you money because garage sales have prices that most of the websites can't beat.

"You can spend 15 dollars for one shirt and here you can probably get five bag fulls of clothes so it's just a great way to save some money," Christine Lindsey said.

You can find garage sales to shop at in the classifieds section of a newspaper and on Craigslist.