Garden Cities

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FULTON - The Missouri Department of Agriculture recognized Fulton and Holts Summit as "Garden Cities" through the 10,000 Gardens Challenge. AgriMissouri started the project to promote people connecting not only with their backyards, but community. The challenge reached 10,000 gardens in December, but recognized Fulton and Holts Summit this weekend. Both had the most registered gardens in their population class. Fulton had 58 residents register and Holts Summit had 66 residents register gardens.

Some of the gardens are registered throughout the state are private gardens and others are public. Public gardens are bigger and generally sell their produce. The Sellmeyer Farm in Fulton registered through the Columbia Farmer's Market. Tammy Sellmeyer supports the project because it encourages people to grow their own food, which can help during these economic times.

"With times being hard, people might have space to put out a couple of tomato plants or something to help them with their food source," said Sellmeyer.

The Sellmeyer Farm sell some of their food and eat part of it as well. They spend their days out working on their strawberry, tomato, and sweet potato plants.

"It's a good way to get out and exercise too," said Sellmeyer.

To register a garden or find out more information, visit the 10,000 Garden Challenge website.