Garth Avenue Bridge construction finsihes up

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COLUMBIA – Workers striped the new Garth Avenue Bridge Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

Danny Roeger is the construction inspector, and he said workers had to close off two lanes, one going in each direction of the bridge, to shift traffic to the westbound bridge.

“This improvement will extend the providence on-ramp to the west as well as the off-ramp onto Providence in the eastbound direction, those lanes will be lengthened,” Roeger said.

The traffic was originally scheduled to be rerouted on to the new bridge on Monday evening but it was moved back due to rain in the forecast.

Roeger said the striping was the final work for that specific location that should impact traffic.

“As you drive I-70 in the westbound direction you will be on the new bridge,” Roeger said.

Range Line Street and Interstate 70 also opened Monday morning with a new “dogbone” interchange cars travel through.

There has already been a two-car crash accident in that specific “dogbone” interchange. Roeger said MoDOT wants to encourage drivers to slow down as they enter the roundabout”

“As you enter the roundabout you are to yield to the traffic already in the roundabout, ”Roeger said

Rogers said construction in all three locations will be completed by this September.