Gas price hits $1.99 in Columbia

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COLUMBIA - It seems like a mirage, but drivers in mid-Missouri can once again say they paid less than two dollars a gallon for gas. 

Macadoodles in Columbia sits right next to one of the stations with this new low price. Friday morning they tweeted about the low price of gas at $1.99, drawing many customers to both the station and the stores surrounding it.

"There is plenty of gas purchases and stuff," Tyeshella Harvey, a cashier at Madadoodles, said. "There's a lot of people even coming in due to the fact that they think they're filling up more than what they would normally fill up."

A few customers said they were reaching out to family members in other states bragging about the prices, while others were excited because this price drop broke up their normal relationship with gas.

"I used to think about, 'oh, I have to drive into town - I have to do all these things, and it's going to cost me this much money,' and now I don't really worry about it, especially when it's as low as it is today." Kate Herrington a customer of Shell said.

Herrington said now she can fill up her car for about $20.

According to the last time the average price of regualr gas in Missouri was below $2.00 was in 2009, but some customers Friday said they had seen a few other locations below $2.00 more recently.

"It's been great," Harvey said. "It's been a very great day due to the budgets and stuff."

Although many are excited about the price, some are less conscious of the changes, which leave them pleasantly surprised when the total is lower than normal.

"Well, I was driving into town, and I'd seen it at $2.05 a lot of places, maybe $2.09, but when I saw $1.99 I thought, 'on my way back, that's where I'm going,'" Jackie Cruise, a Shell customer said. "So, here I am."

Cruise was pleasantly surprised and hopes this tank will take her farther and further.

"Well, I have no idea how long this is going to last, but I'm hoping, you know, a good, many miles for $1.99," Cruise said.