Gas Prices at Their Lowest Levels Since January

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COLUMBIA - People across Mid-Missouri filled up their tank with regular unleaded gas for $2.99 Wednesday. It's the first time gas prices have been below $3.00 since January, when some unleaded gas was as low as $2.97 a gallon, according to

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Driver Allie Plantery said she was happy to see prices down because it usually costs her roughly $50 to fill-up.

"I didn't even notice it was $2.99 when I got in to be honest," Plantery said. "I pulled in and it was just a relief."

Columbia resident Millie Watson said she too is happy to see prices down, but does not expect them to stay down long.

"They'll go back up, they have to," Watson said. "They'll go down two or three cents here and be back up 20 cents later."  

AAA told KOMU one of the reasons for the decrease is demand is down after summer, so prices are set at a more reasonable price.