Gas Prices Drop

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COLUMBIA - Missouri got some relief as gasoline prices decreased about 10 cents. Last week, prices averaged around $3.90 per gallon. This week they have dropped to about $3.79 per gallon for regular gasoline.

A Philips 66 customer said "A 10 cent drop is nice but a dollar drop would be nicer." Another customer at the next pump agreed but said, "It would be too good to be true."

According to, oil cost averages have consistently been lower than the US averages. Prices have varied from about $3.64 to $3.82 over the past month in Missouri. Now they are resting at about $3.82. Columbia prices are slightly less than the Missouri average, and are now at $3.79 per gallon.

Sinclair co-owner Ross Mutrux said that people think gas station owners are making a lot of money off of these price increases, however it is just the opposite. They suffer because higher prices turn away business. While he is happy prices have gone down, he is not sure what to expect for the next couple of weeks.