Gas Prices Rise

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COLUMBIA - Tuesday, gas prices reached a new high, moving ever closer to the four dollar mark. The new national average sits just below $3.80 and Missouri follows closely behind at $3.76.

According to the federal government, prices around Mid-Missouri tend to fall closely in line with the state average.

In Columbia, drivers are trying to minimize time on the road to save some change.

Tim Beach is a delivery driver for Pickleman's. He said he really feels a pinch at the pump.

"I try to drive less. Unless I'm working I really try not to drive. I drive slower. I try not to waste so much gas stopping and going all the time," said Tim Beach. "It's taking a toll on me. It's taking a big toll on my paychecks. Most of the money I make during the night, half of it goes to gas money now."

And while prices are high for all, drivers of passenger cars are luckier than those driving bigger vehicles.

"I feel sorry for the truckers who have to pay so much for diesel. Especially if they're owner/operators," said motorist Bernie Clark.

For more information on gas prices in your area, you can check or the federal website