Gas Stations Take Stance Against Proposition B

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COLUMBIA - Gas stations ensured their stance against Proposition B was just as visible as the price of a gallon of gas Tuesday.

Voters took to the polls and Proposition B turned out to be a hot issue statewide. If passed, Proposition B would create a fund for education by increasing taxes on tobacco products. Gas stations said increasing taxes on tobacco products would severely hurt their revenue because taxes on cigarettes would increase from 17 cents to 90 cents per pack.

Proponents of Proposition B said it could bring anywhere from $283 million to $423 million for education. Supporters added that it would influence current smokers to quit while preventing thousands from starting.

In addition to gas stations, many businesses that also sell tobacco products opposed the tax increase. Currently, Missouri has the lowest cigarette tax of the 50 states. With this increase, Missouri would move up to 33rd.