Gatorland adds a thrill for visitors in Orlando

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ORLANDO - One of many amusment parks Orlando has to offer gives tourists a different kind of thrill.

Gatorland has close to 2,000 alligators and crocodiles spread out over 110 acres of land.

The gators range from the hatchlings at six to eight inches all the way to 14 feet or longer. It has four alligators who have a condition where skin pigments are reduced. They're white with cobalt blue eyes, but are not albino.

"The gators are just insane," Sabrina Colyn visiting from Canada said. "We're about to do the feedings and my little one is three years old and wants to sit on a gator, so we are going to sit on a gator."

Williams said he wants people to have a different experience than any other park in the area.

"I can tell you what an alligator is about, and I can tell you what it feels like but, until you come in a see it, touch it, and smell it, and hear it, it takes on a whole new life," Dean of Gator Wrestling, Tim Williams, said.

Any visitor has the chance to hold and sit on a gator along with zipline above the gator ponds. That's only made possible through training and smart judgments. 

"If you do a job that's repetitious over and over again and you're around something over and over, or even if it's dangerous you become comfortable and you start leaving your training and doing things you shouldn't," Mike Hileman, a park director, said.

The park has more to offer than just gators. It has bob cats, panthers and plenty of birds to see. 

It plans on developing 26 acres it currently isn't using.

"We've got a lot of ideas we've been kicking around, but when you're down to that you want to make sure it the right idea," Williams said. 

The park is working on a small gator themed area at Fun Spot, which is also in Orlando.