Getting home safe on Super Bowl 50, Sunday

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COLUMBIA -  A warning for those who plan to party on Super Bowl 50 Sunday; find a designated driver. That's the word from the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety.  The group is urging football fans to consider the consequences before they drink and drive.

In 2015, 162 people were killed and 576 seriously injured in Missouri crashes that involved at least one substance-impaired driver.  The coalition has been raising awareness asking people plan out a ride ahead of time. 

"Drunk driving is completely preventable," said Bill Whitfield, executive committee chair for the coalition. "All it takes is a little planning. We want fans to remember that it's a choice. Drink OR drive - but never both." 

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration offers a new SaferRide mobile app. The app helps people who have been drinking get a safe ride home by allowing users to call a taxi or a friend.  The app identifies their location so they can be picked up. 

Jon Whitaker, the general manager of International Tap House, said monitoring how much people drink is an easy way to make sure people don't get too out of hand. 

Whitaker also said, "[He] would be happy to flag down a taxi or get someone a ride home if they needed it."