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COLUMBIA - Officials closed Gillespie Bridge Road in Columbia Friday afternoon due to flooding.

The closure begins at Chapel Hill Road just before the road turns into West Gillespie Bridge Road. About 200 feet of the road is covered in about seven inches of water. Angela Mayer can see the road closure from her deck. She said she always avoids the road when it rains heavily.

"Even before they close it, if it's raining pretty hard for an extended period of time, I know water is going to cover the road," Mayer said.

The flooded part of the road is in a quiet part of town with no houses directly on it. Mayer said most people in the neighborhood only use it to get to and from I-70.

"If you're up by Midway then it's nice to use this back road to get home quickly, but luckily it's not a super busy road so when it floods it's only a minor inconvenience for us," Mayer said.