Gingrich Endorses Akin, Calls on GOP Leaders

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ST. LOUIS - One time Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich threw his support behind Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin at a campaign event Monday.

Speaking at a news conference in Akin's district, Gingrich called on Republican leaders to show their support of Akin.

"I don't see how any national Republican in good conscience after tomorrow has any choice except to say if the choice is the Republican nominee or Senator McCaskill, I am for the nominee," said Gingrich.

Ever since Akin made the now infamous remarks regarding rape and pregnancy last month, the fallout has lingered over his campaign, and Republican party leadership has continued to call on him to withdraw. On Sunday, Republican National Committee Chair Reince Preibus told ABC's "This Week" he had doubts that Akin would be the nominee.

"The underlying reality is, the people of Missouri in every survey in the past two years have said they do not want a left-wing senator who ignores and runs over the people of Missouri," said Gingrich.

Tuesday is the last day Akin could withdraw from the race, but the candidate told reporters he has no intentions of quitting.

"We are going to be totally focused on winning that seat from Claire McCaskill because that's what I was told to do by the Republican voters, and I plan to get that job done," Akin said.

Following the news conference, Akin addressed supporters at a $500 a plate luncheon held at an Italian restaurant in Kirkwood.

Akin is set to begin a statewide bus tour with other Republicans on Tuesday.