Giving Day

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COLUMBIA -- Two weeks after announcing budget cuts and layoffs, Mizzou is conducting its annual "Giving Day," a 24 hour fundraiser to collect donations to any school, college, unit or program of their choice.

It started at 12 p.m. Wednesday March 14, to 12 p.m. Thursday, March 15. 

Executive Director Todd McCubbin said it was continued due to last year's success.

"It wasn't just a monetary success, we had a really great day there's no doubt about that and the number of gifts was off the charts, but it was just the positive nature of that 24 hours," he said. 

During the first annual Mizzou Giving Day, in 2017,they made more than $8.3 million for schools, colleges and programs across campus.

"I think they should give because something at Mizzou touches them you know it's something that really means a lot to them and so giving is about participation it's not necessarily about how much you give," McCubbin said. 

Despite budget cuts and layoffs, he said that shouldn't be the reason people want to help.

"It's probably not the reason to give I think the reason why you want to give is because you want to see Mizzou get stronger," McCubbin said.

But, he said donations are always a huge help.

"Donations always help they are kind of different buckets to a certain extent and so a lot of our donors and friends want to give at a level of excellence at Mizzou and so they don't want to necessarily give to keep the lights on and all those sorts of things they want to give to help a student come to Mizzou from a scholarship perspective."

One staff member, Jason Fenton, donated for giving day for the first time.

"It's a wonderful opportunity for you and anyone else to give to the Mizzou community," he said.

Fenton coordinates scholarships at the college of education, which gave him more of a reason to donate.

"I really like to think about giving day as an opportunity to give to student scholarships because it does give students the financial abilities and resources through scholarships that can really be a hard thing for a lot of students to find," he said. 

The overall fundraising goal is  $1.3 billion.

People can donate by going to

People can also give by calling (866) 267-7568. 

Regardless of how much they make, McCubbin said he is thankful for any donation.

"We are very fortunate to have so many supportive alums and faculty and staff and students and friends who make gifts to Mizzou on an annual basis but this is a good way to celebrate it and kind of come together and see what we all can do when we come together," he said.