Glasgow continues to feel effects of the flood

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GLASGOW- Now that the water levels appear to be lowering, towns on the river have to shift their focus to a different set of problems. 

Most of the after effects of a flood, like the one in the last two weeks, come from the shutting down of roads and bridges. 

The owners of Bushwhacker Bend Winery said the drive to work usually takes under thirty minutes. Now, they find themselves driving, "almost two hours to and from work everyday," said Gene Marksbury. 

For Marksbury, the thing he needs most is the opening of highway 240. 

At one point, electricity and running water were no guarantees - but have been available to Glasgow residents.  

Some of the people at the winery said it was the first time they could just catch their breath.

At the end of last week, the river levels in Glasgow reached thirty five feet. On Monday, the levels are expected to be around thirty three feet.