Glasgow court clerk admits to forgery and embezzlement

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GLASGOW -  A court document says court clerk Julie Strodtman admitted she was responsible for misappropriating more than $16,000 from the city of Glasgow.

According to a police report, City Administrator Kevin Atwood told authorities October 14 that an auditor had discovered money was missing from the bank.

The report said the city administrator requested information the auditor needed, but Strodtman did not produce it for six months.

The city administrator told authorities Strodtman twice requested a passowrd change for the account the money was in, telling a software company the amount in the account was wrong. The city administrator then called the company to make sure Strodtman didn't get the password again.

According to the report, Atwood and Mayor Fred Foley, along with police, confronted Strodtman about how the cash deposits did not match the auditor's report or the amount of money coming into Glasgow.

The report said Strodtman admitted to being responsible for the missing money. The probable cause statement said she indicated she started taking cash out to "pay personal expenses of my own" in 2012.

The city said between July 1, 2012 and June 3, 2013, the auditor found $16,260.13 missing from the deposits.

The city hired Strodtman in 2010 and the discrepancies began in 2012. Following Strodtman's resignation in March 2013, the discrepancies stopped. They began again when she was rehired in September 2013.

The probable cause statement quotes Strodtman as saying the last time she took money from Glasgow just a week prior, in early October 2014.

According to the report, the auditors are continuing to review the ledger during the time Strodtman was employed with the city.

Strodtman turned herself in to authorities but bailed herself out yesterday.