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GLASGOW - Bonnybrook Steel Forms said goodbye to its first project Thursday as it hit the road to Chicago. The steel manufacturing company opened its doors in April, after Gov. Jay Nixon announced an tax incentive and employee training package to bring it to Glasgow.

The economic incentive package totaled to $847,000 for the company. The company employs 26 people now, but said it plans to up that number to more than 100 in the next three years.

"We see a lot less manufacturing in this country and in the middle of the state, so it's good to see that because menufacturing brings high paying jobs," Chief Operations Officer Eliot James said.

The manufacturing jobs' pay at Steel Forms is 25 percent above the Howard County average, James explained.

Some workers are local hires, while others commute from Columbia, Moberly, and the Marshall area. At this time there are no out-of-state employees, although several have shown interest.

Even in Thursday's sweltering heat, James said he hasn't heard any complaints.

"People are just happy to be coming to work," James said.

Bonnybrook Steel Forms broke off from a sister company in Calgary, Canada, and moved to Missouri.

"We expected the ramp up slower than we actually have been. We're seeing a lot more quoting going on in the industry and there's been very good reception to our move to Mid-Missouri," James said.

The project completed for the Chicago Thursday was an order of precast columns for a parking garage.

James and employee Mike McCloud agreed it was a great sense of accomplishment finishing the first project.

"It was quite...jubilant! We actually got to see a product go out the door... it was like sending somebody off to school. It was a great deal of pride and accomplishmentthat accompanied that," James said.

"Accomplishment...everybody now is finally getting together and getting the thing together you know, we're making stuff rock and roll maybe," McCloud said.

The team's work is now underway for its next order - prison cell forms for the country of Mexico.


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