Glasgow Fire Department Dedicates New Helipad

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GLASGOW - Firefighters and community members gathered to watch a helicopter land on the recently completed pad Saturday afternoon.

Firefighters said the new location is safer for pilots to land in the case of an emergency. They said previous location was unsafe because it was not well lit and power lines could be potentially dangerous.

"This one here is a lot safer for everyone. For one, when the choppers coming in, they always approach from the South so they don't circle the town, you don't have to worry about a bunch of people coming out here and potentially getting hurt when the chopper lands," Glasgow Fire Department Lieutenant Larry Neville said.

Prior to the new helipad, helicopters landed in the parking lot of St. Mary's church.

Neville said the project cost the department less than $8,000, but without the help of donations and volunteers it would have been more than $20,000.