Glasgow prepares for historic flooding

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GLASGOW - Glasgow residents are preparing for potentially historic water levels for the Missouri River. The town resides right on the river, making the water levels even more threatening.

The 1993 flood reached 39.5 feet when it crested. Most recently, the Missouri River was just a few feet short of that mark, but is expected to come close in the next few days.

“You know you got to expect some flooding. I don’t think any of us that were here during the 1993 flood expected it to come back as soon and do it again. There are a lot of people that need prayers and there are a lot of people misplaced by it,” said Richard Watts, a long time resident of Glasgow.  

The town’s Corps of Engineers has a shed on the river, that is almost completely submerged.

KOMU 8 spoke with another resident in Glasgow who was hosting family members who live on the other side of the river, which is now cut off due to roads being closed.

A lot of the next two days is out of the hands of the residents. Most of the preparation work came from volunteers Wednesday.