Global Bacon Shortage vs. Upcoming October Pork Month

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COLUMBIA - The drought has affected a lot in the past few months. From killing your wallet to killing your grass, but what is it doing to your breakfast?

On Tuesday, A Europe report announced what it says will be a global "unavoidable" bacon shortage. At the same time, Missouri Pork Association proclaimed October Missouri's Pork Month.

According to a press release, Missouri ranks 7th nationwide for pork production, with an industry that supports nearly 25,000 jobs and contributes more than $1 billion a year to the state economy.

So how will a global shortage affect those numbers?

Missouri Pork Association Executive Director says right now, he is not too worried.

"Yes, I can see where they are coming from about the shortage but we have a good supply of pork now and I presume we will for quite sometime,"  said Don Nikodim.

And for producers...

"Well for Missouri hog farmers its a lot of red ink, the estimate is we are probably going to see losses around fifty dollars per head," said Plain.

The report included that the shortage will be the most visible in 2013, but MU Professor of Agriculture Ron Plain said it might not last too long.

"It depends on the weather," said Plain. "If next year is not as bad as this year prices will eventually go down, and production will still be fine. If that happens by 2014 we should be back on track."

Nikodim also said there was something missing in the shortage report.

"What they didn't mention, especially in Europe, the advantage of animal rights activist who have worked with legislators and food companies to impose some a litany of very restrictive production practices on European pig producers," said Nikodim.

As of now, the Missouri Pork Association wants people to gear up for October. Pork month includes various events on farming techniques, animal health practices and how to enjoy your bacon better.