Go Girl Run

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COLUMBIA - Go Girl Run added an all women's marathon this year, which is the first in the Midwest. 

Go Girl started in 2011 and encourages women to celebrate friendships and sisterhood. 

People were able to participate in a marathon, half-marathon and 5K on May 21, 2016. 

Ultramax Sports Race Director Chrissie Campbell said the purpose of the race is to help women feel comfortable to start running races."It can be intimidating for women to be in an all men race," Campbell said.  

Runners participate for different reasons.

Fist time half marathon runner Amy Turner said, "this is proving myself I can do it." 

Runner Melanie Donnell said she is running for her daughter who has cystic fibrosis. Donnell said, "They [Go Girl] scheduled me for the one here, which is meant to be because it benefits Women's and Children's Hospital which is where she was."

Donnell's daughter and husband joined her at the finish line.

Proceeds will go to different local charity groups and the Children's Miracle Network.