Goat Meat at the Market

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COLUMBIA - The Boone County Farmer's Market kicked off April 2 with vendors selling a variety of homegrown goods as people enjoyed the weather.

From tomato plants and flowers to meat and pasta, the Farmers Market appealed to many local residents. One vendor, selling eggs said he plans to sell goat meat this June.  "There's a growing demand for it in Columbia coming from the Islamic and Indian cultures," said D.J. Vollrath.  He said goat meat is the most popular red meat in the world, with the U.S. being an exception. "It's very high in protein and has about the same calories as chicken," said Vollrath. 

Vollrath told customers he would soon be selling goat meat and said he had a curious response from people on Saturday.  "A lot of people have the image that goats are associated with dairy products. People were interested, and they didn't realize it was available as a meat to eat," said Vollrath.  He said his dentist stopped by his booth today, showing an interest in the goat meat.  "He said he'd had it before and liked it, but couldn't really find where to get it," he said.

Vollrath said a lot of people haven't had goat meat and most are curious to try something different.  Most of Vollrath's goats are currently too young to be butchered.  Goats are typically butchered for goat meat between 6 and 8 months of age.  His goat meat will be ready for sale in June.   

On average, the finished product of the meat runs about five dollars per pound.  Vollrath said the taste is a mix between beef and venison.  "But it tastes closer to beef to me," said Vollrath.

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