GoCOMO offers free fixed route bus rides and para-transit rides

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COLUMBIA - During the annual Bike, Walk and Wheel Week, the PedNet Coalition focuses on being active and exploring different ways people get around the city. The group also supports a thriving public transit system in the city, which helps their goal of building "strong communities that are walkable, bikeable and accessible." 

GoCOMO, Columbia's public transit system, has joined the celebration of Bike, Walk and Wheel Week with PedNet and is offering free rides on the fixed routes and para-transit rides all week long. 

The PedNet website said, "Everyone rides the city buses, including Paratransit, for free all week long!"

The fixed routes and para-transit information can be found at https://www.gocomotransit.com/. The free rides continue until Saturday, May 19 and buses do not run on Sundays. 

Tony Thompson, a Columbia resident who uses his bike as his main form of transportation, said the free rides taking place throughout the week are great and helpful. 

"It's awesome," Thompson said. "And I mean why not free? Free is best." 

He said he enjoys riding his bike and being active, but when he really needs to be on time the bus is the better way to go for him. 

PedNet has coordinated other events throughout the week with other businesses to encourage people to get out and be active. 

Some of the other events include a happy hour walk, a wheelchair and bike wash and a family fun fest. The whole list of events can be found at https://pednet.org/bwww/

"I think it's wonderful," Thompson said. "I mean, you can't beat anyone trying to help the community."

This week marks the 17th Annual Bike, Walk and Wheel Week in Columbia.