Golf tournament raises $40,000 for Harrisburg child abuse shelter

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COLUMBIA - A golf tournament is expected to raise $50,000 Monday for Coyote Hill, a shelter for victims of child abuse in Harrisburg.

So far, the BMW sponsored tournament at the Country Club of Missouri has raised $40,000 with 31 teams competing. The money will be used to fund the Success for Life program that helps child abuse victims recooperate. Kari Hopkins, Coyote Hill's Development Director, said child abuse victims are behind academically and socially, and the program is used to get kids back on their feet. 

"We start really with the basics, from everything from learning how to brush your teeth every day to how to do your own laundry, and then also how to interact with other siblings in a home and other adults and hopefully one day that will also translate into how to get a job apply for a job, go to school, and be successful," Hopkins said. 

Coyote hill has served 350 children since it opened in 1991 and can serve up to 32 children at a time. Coyote Hill is unique in that the shelter mimics a family setting. Abused children, often sibling groups, are moved into one of four family homes on Coyote Hill's campus. Right now there are 29 kids, which Hopkins said is a full house for the shelter. But there are always more children to serve. 

"On average we have to turn away a phone call everyday," Hopkins said. 

In Boone County, there were 2,168 children reported abused in 2014. That is the third highest in the region, behind Jefferson and St. Charles Counties.

UPDATE: The tournament raised over $47,000 Monday. Coyote Hill has raised over $200,000 in the last five years. 

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