Golfers Get Extra Swing-time in this Warm Winter

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COLUMBIA - Members of the MU golf team on Sunday were taking advantage of warm winter temperatures.  Golfer Chris Johnson said it might as well be 65 and sunny, he's just happy to be playing.

"It gives you the ability to actually get better in the winter which we normally don't have the opportunity to do," said Johnson.

He said some of the team's southern competitors get to practice year-round.  But this winter's temperatures are putting him on par with his competitors.

"It gives us a leg up even from some northern teams which we normally couldn't get better than them," said Johnson.

He and his teammate, Jace Long, played 27 holes at A.L. Gustin Golf Course on Sunday.

"Instead of just sitting at home during break and doing nothing we can come out and play golf and practice and get better," said Long.

These MU golfers haven't been the only ones hitting the course this winter.  Pro shop employee Brian Burks said there have been more than 100 golfers on the course recently.