Good Samaritans Rescue Man from Burning Home

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COLUMBIA - A fire broke out Monday evening at 405 North Fifth Street.

An elderly man was in the house at the time, but he managed to escape with the help of some good samaritans.

Tonia Turner was at nearby Douglass Park for her son's baseball game when she saw smoke coming from the back part of the house. Turner said she has known the resident for fifteen years.

She and another man worked together to rescue the man. They found him still conscious in his smoke filled bedroom.

"Well, I didn't bust the door, the muscle guy did. But I know we would have done the same, even if we had to bust the door open by ourselves."

Turner said anyone would have stepped in to help.

"Because you don't think about things like that when you know someone is in a burning house, and I didn't know if anyone was in there, but I know if someone is in there, then I needed to let them know or try to get their attention."

Firefighters were informed about the fire at 5:52 p.m and arrived at the scene two minutes later.

The fire was put out in five minutes.

The man who escaped the fire was treated on location and did not need to go to the hospital. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

The preliminary damage estimate of the fire is $50,000.