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COLUMBIA - Artists and musicians are putting on a CoMoGloSho at the Roxy's in downtown Columbia Tuesday night to raise money to help save a historic house in Joplin. The house was damaged last year in the tornado and is currently on the city's demolition list. 

Walt Goodman came up with the idea of a glow show, which was inspired by 49 sketches made with highlighters. Walt Goodman drew a sketch about his father, J.T. Goodman, everyday while his father was surviving on a respirator.

"They document a very significant experience," Goodman said. "Each one of these drawings represents another 24 hours of my father survived on a respirator."
J.T. Goodman was the house owner. He insisted on staying in the house to repair it after the tornado ripped off the roof.

Three weeks after the tornado, J.T. Goodman got pneumonia and was hospitalized. He died August 16, 2011.

Walt Goodman is a Boone County firefighter who was among the first rescue crews in Joplin after the tornado hit.

The house was designated a local historical landmark by the Joplin Historic Preservation Commission after the tornado.