GOP senators talk about impeachment process in wake of Greitens scandal

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JEFFERSON CITY - The matter of impeachment came up on the Senate floor Thursday, two weeks after Gov. Eric Greitens admitted to an affair and denied blackmail was involved.

Sen. Gary Romine, R-Farmington and Sen. Doug Libla, R-Poplar Bluff, started the conversation.

Romine said questions over Greitens behavior make it important to know the process for impeachment.

“I feel like it's important that we are ahead of the curve, that we're doing our due diligence, finding out what our responsibilities and duties should be in dealing with this matter as a legislative body,” he said.

A St. Louis circuit attorney is investigating the allegations against Greitens but Romine said he wants to see what the legislature can do.

“We as a legislative body need to consider what our responsibility in addressing this issue,” he said.

Romine said he wants people to know that there are steps that must be taken before an official can be removed from office.

“Impeachment in Missouri means an investigative process,” Romine said.

Romine says this is what they are asking the house to consider. If the house feels like there is an issue it would be handed over to the Senate to convene a jury.

Romine said he hopes members of the House take a look at the concerns voiced on the Senate floor Thursday and call for an investigative committee.

“As long as this issue is lingering out there, it is a cloud over our Capitol, it is cloud over the legislative process and the issues that we really need to be dealing with at this time,” he said.