Gov Energy Fair

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NEW BLOOMFIELD – Green Party candidate Don Fitz and Independent gubernatorial contender Lester Turilli spoke with local Missourians about their campaign plans at the Missouri Renewable Energy Fair. 

Fitz said the Green Party believes renewable energy is essential in two key ways: 1) climate change and 2) fossil fuel exhaustion.

“We see climate change news happen everyday that shows the world is warming,” Fitz said. “We as a culture need to use less fossil fuel energy.”

Fitz indicated the excess of use of fossil fuel energy forms can be dangerous in the future.

“This energy fear is critical for our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren,” he said. “The price of fossil fuels will go up and up, whereas the wind and the sun are free, we just need to learn how to harness it.”

Turilli said the energy fair is important for his platform.

“As an independent candidate, I feel it necessary to offer Missouri voters options to cut energy costs,” he said.

Turilli mentioned he was amazed by the creativity and innovation that local Missourians displayed.

“That sparks the economy and any time that there are new ideas in innovation introduced into the economy, it causes cost to go down, not just with renewable energy, but with other energy sources as well,” Turilli said. “Competition in the economy is always a good thing.”

Fitz suggested one concern people may have with renewable energy is it’s too unreliable to provide adequate heat and cooling. However, he said the strength of the renewable energy tools and systems at the fair are powerful enough to loosen the reliance on fossil fuels.

Renewable energy mechanisms on display included wind generators, photovoltaics, sustainable building techniques in the form of earth and dome homes, rainwater collection and solar cookers.

“I think renewable energy is important now as well as in the future because just within the last four years, the price for solar has dropped 75 percent,” Turilli said.

Both Fitz and Turilli had family with them at the event.

Major party candidates Democrat Chris Koster and Republican Eric Greitens did not attend the fair.