Gov. Jay Nixon addresses abortion decision and gun law legislation

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JEFFERSON CITY - Gov. Jay Nixon held a press conference Tuesday addressing recent legislative actions, including gun laws and abortion. 

On Monday, Nixon vetoed Senate Bill 656, which would have allowed people, including those from other states, to carry a concealed gun, even if they had been denied after a background check due to criminal history.

Nixon said this legislation would have dismantled the current gun laws in place right now.

"The legislature spent about three months two years ago,  going through and looking at [gun laws]. After the end of that, they said in order for public safety to be continued to be guaranteed, we need to have training. We need to give sheriffs the authority to legally reject permit applications, which they have done thousands of times in our state," he said.

Nixon also said he does not look at gun legislation as a political game.

"Giving people that have been rejected for [Concealed Carry Weapon] permits, not even checking in and having guns out there with no training. How does that help?" he said.

Nixon said he owns guns but does not have a concealed carry permit.

"People know me, they know I'm a hunter I own guns. I use guns. I'm very comfortable around them. I support the Second Amendment. I've signed bill to expand the castle doctrine. I've signed bills to conceal and carry in our state," he said.

On the Supreme Court's decision Monday striking down a Texas law similar to the law in Missouri, Nixon said he will know in the next few days what the plans are for Planned Parenthood clinics.

"I talked to the director of health today, and they're looking at it. First of all you've got to look at how that statute down in Texas compares to ours," Nixon said. "But secondly, there's ongoing litigation. This is in front of a federal court in our state, and I just think this is ultimately going to get decided relatively quickly." 

Columbia's Planned Parenthood license to perform abortions expires on Thursday.