Gov. Nixon Addresses Education Budget Cuts

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COLUMBIA- Governor Jay Nixon spoke to the media Thursday afternoon about a $22 million budget cut from K-12 and higher education in the Fiscal Year 2014 supplemental budget. The General Assembly approved the supplemental budget Tuesday.

K-12 and higher education schools expected to receive $44 million as stated in the Fiscal Year 2014 budget but Nixon said lottery and gaming revenues fell short.

Nixon said the General Assembly has different priorities and that's why he said they approved a supplemental budget for only half of the original amount.

Columbia Schools Chief Financial Officer, Linda Quinley, said she's not sure how it will affect Columbia public schools yet.

The $22 million will be allocated to schools. It will be divided this way: $3.2 million to community colleges, $3.2 million to four-year institutions and $15.6 million to K-12.

In response to the budget cut Nixon wants to restore the missing $22 million in the Fiscal Year 2015 budget.