Gov Nixon Discusses Increasing Funds for Mental Health Systems

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COLUMBIA - Governor Jay Nixon addressed the Missouri Mental Health Commission on Thursday morning to discuss how accepting federal dollars to expand Medicaid will help families and communities who face mental health.

The Governor discussed how his budget included $10 million for Missouri's mental health systems. The money would be used to:

  •  Help individuals with mental illness receive proper treatment
  • Develop facilities such as renovating  Fulton State Hospital
  • Increase first aid training for how to recognize, respond and care for those with mental illness
  • Training for professionals in courts, law enforcement and education to identify the early warning signs of mental illness
  • Teach families how to deal and cope with a loved one who has a mental illness

Nixon referred to his plan as the Smart Right Frame. He said it is smart fiscally to accept the federal funding as it would cover 100 percent of the expansion for Medicaid. He said it would decrease Missouri's poverty level and add jobs in the healthcare system. He said it is the right thing to do to encourage work in Missouri.

The funding proposal was included in Nixon's recommended balanced budget for Fiscal Year 2014, which has been presented to the General Assembly.