Gov. Nixon Returns to Capitol Post-Election

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JEFFERSON CITY - As he pledged in his victory speech Tuesday evening, incumbent Governor Jay Nixon (D-MO) did return to work at the Capitol Wednesday afternoon, according to his press secretary Scott Holste.  

Holste did not disclose the specifics of the work Nixon conducted but said he was corresponding with his staff and preparing for the upcoming legislative session, as well as prioritizing objectives for his second term.  Holste also did not indicate what the Governor had scheduled for Thursday. 

Upon securing the win over Republican challenger and St. Louis businessman Dave Spence Tuesday evening, Nixon told a large St. Louis watch party crowd, "Tonight we celebrate...and tomorrow, we get back to work.  Thank you and God Bless."

Just minutes before, Republican challenger and St. Louis businessman Dave Spence expressed both disappointment and concern at what he said was the reality Nixon would secure the win.  In a post-concession speech interview with KOMU 8, Spence said, "I hope that in [Nixon's] second term, his leadership style goes from playing defense to offense, and we need to get our business climate better and get Missouri businesses expanding."

A comprensive state expansion, Spence warned, is a challenge now awaiting the incumbent governor as he prepares to launch his second term--a new chapter in his 26-year political career.

"I still think it's foul that we're 50th in job creation and have, I think, 55,000 kids in unaccredited schools and 16% of our population living in poverty," Spence said.

In a pre-Election interview with KOMU 8, Nixon disclosed what first issues he would tackle if reelected.  "We want to continue to make sure folks are working together to keep the bedrock fiscal discipline, to hold line on taxes and get people working," he said.

Within the interview, Nixon was adamant about his objectives to make Missouri more energy-independent with the Enbridge pipeline and with the expansion of his bipartisan-acclaimed A+ schools program.  But, he was ambiguous about how he intends to work effectively with a majority-Republican legislature.  He also was unclear about whether he would conjure an alternative to his declared opposition for expanding Medicaid under the federal health care law.

"I think once the Election is over," Nixon said, "we'll work with health care providers, we'll work with legislators of both parties and make sure we are providing a cost-effective method to move forward..."

But, the reality of what moving the state forward would entail is what Spence said bolstered his own campaign and concern for the current and future conditions of Missouri.  He said he ran for governor because he believes Missouri needs to "raise the bar."

Contering the claims Tuesday night, Nixon declared, "Missouri's best days are in front of us."

KOMU 8's calls to Spence's campaign confirmed Spence spent the first post-Election day with his family in St. Louis.

The final results (with all 3380 precincts reported) of the 2012 Mo. gubernatorial race, according to the Mo. Secretary of State's office, put Nixon at 54.7%, Spence at 42.6% and Libertarian candidate Jim Higgins at 2.7%.