Gov. Parson calls for audit of Department of Public Safety

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JEFFERSON CITY - Governor Mike Parson asked for an individual audit of the Department of Public Safety after the new director raised concerns.

The new Director of DPS, Sandra Karsten, began an internal investigation into a possible misuse of taxpayer dollars by the former director's office.

Drew Juden served as Director of DPS from January, 2017 to August of 2018 when Parson asked Juden to leave DPS.

At the time, Parson said he was looking to go in a different direction with DPS.

When Karsten was appointed DPS director in late August, she immediately began an internal investigation.

"Our initial review raised concerns that warranted a more in-depth examination of past public safety administration practices," Karsten said.

Parson agreed with the director's concerns.

"Anytime a department director raises concerns about questionable use of taxpayer dollars, we take them very seriously," he said.

State Auditor Nicole Galloway committed to doing an investigation of the office on Tuesday.

Parson called now a "prudent time" for an audit of the DPS director's office. The most recent audit was in 2013.