Gov. Urges Lawmakers to Sustain Sex Offender Bill Veto

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ST. LOUIS- Gov. Jay Nixon urged the General Assembly Wednesday to not override his veto on a bill that could take up to 870 names off the sex offender registry.

Nixon vetoed the bill in July, arguing the bill threatens public safety and victims' rights.

The bill would allow names of adults, who were convicted in civil court of sexual offenses as juveniles, to be removed from online sex offender registries.

However, if the adult commits another offense once his or her name is removed, the name will be put back on the registry.

Nixon said an override of the veto would jeopardize public safety. He said it wouldn't allow victims of sexual offenses to be heard before the offender's name is removed.

"The leadership of the House may be ready to help violent sex offenders hide from public and law enforcement, but their victims, and the millions of Missourians who use these websites to help keep their families safe, are not," Nixon said.

Republicans who support the bill say those who committed sexual offenses as juveniles should be given a second chance.

"There is a high unemployment rate for registered sex offenders," said Rep. Dave Hinson, R-St. Clair. "We're trying to give them a one-shot time of getting their lives together and becoming productive members of society."

Though, Hinson said the names of those who committed multiple offenses are not eligible for removal.

Lawmakers will need 109 votes to override the veto during the veto session on September 11th.