Government Employees Back at Work Boost Business for Sandwich Shop

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COLUMBIA - Stomachs and cash registers are starting to be filled again in the Parkade shopping area.

The government re-opening has sent USDA employees back to work and back to their workday eating habits at their neighboring restaurant, the Sub Shop.

"It's pretty cool getting to know all these people," Sub Shop General Manager Ashlee Battershell said. "I missed them the two weeks they were gone."

The government shutdown did not just effect the USDA employee's pocketbooks, but also the Sub Shop's business.

Battershell said the first few days of the shutdown she noticed the lack of business during the lunch rush. She no longer saw the usual customers that ate lunch at the shop everyday. During the two weeks some of the usual customers popped in for lunch a couple of times, but not as frequently as they had when they were working next door at the USDA offices.

Now that the USDA employees are back at work, Battershell said workers have returned back to the Sub Shop.

"It has picked up for our lunch rush, it's kind of extended now for a little bit longer," Battershell said.

Battershell said she may not know all the usual customers by name, but she knows their everyday breakfast and lunch orders.