government shut down

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COLUMBIA- While the government heads toward a possible partial shut down many government agencies in mid-Missouri will remain open. 

In Washington, lawmakers are working to reach an agreement over a spending bill that would extend government funding for a short period of time. The bill passed in the House late Thursday with a 230-197 vote but still has to make it past the Senate. 

Despite the possibility of a shut down mid-Missouri agencies like Columbia Regional Airport will still remain open.

Mike Parks is an airport manager at Columbia Regional Airport. He said people tend to think everything ends when the government shuts down. 

"I think people have a misunderstanding how things would occur, we want to emphasize that we will continue to operate."

One of the only parts of the airport considered to be government affiliated is the Transportation Security Administration. Parks said even those workers will still report to work.

"TSA will continue to operate, it's considered an essential service and same with the air traffic control tower, those are both considered essential services," Parks said.

Other essential services include social security, military and mail delivery would continue to function as well.

In order to avoid the shutdown, lawmakers must come to an agreement over spending by 12 a.m. Saturday morning.