Governor hosts ham breakfast at state fair

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SEDALIA - Governor Jay Nixon hosted the 63rd annual ham breakfast at the state fair on Thursday. 

As Missourians enjoyed their ham, Nixon spoke about agricultural issues in the state and increasing scholarships for agriculture majors. 

"We passed a significant dairy re-authorization act which will make a big difference," Nixon said. "We'll be moving forward on the 80 scholarships of $5,000 each for students in agricultural degrees, focusing on that dairy industry." 

He said there was a recent drop in dairy industry workers so he hopes this scholarship will encourage more young people to become dairy farmers.

Nixon also talked about improvements to the fairgrounds for next year. 

"We've got a relatively old place here, 113 years old," Nixon said. "We've got a state mind issue that's invested an additional $4 million in the state fair." 

He said the Womans building and the Coliseum will see improvements within the next year. 

"These improvements will ensure that this great show-me state tradition will be around for years to come." 

Nixon also spoke about the importance of agricultural exports. 

He and his wife recently returned from a trip to Alberta, Canada. 

"We do almost $600 million sales per year with them," Nixon said. "Much of this in the agricultural sector." 

Nixon said he signed the first ever trade pack with the providence of Alberta while on his trip.