Governor Nixon Cancels Medicaid Meeting

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JEFFERSON CITY - Governor Jay Nixon cancelled a meeting scheduled for next week with state lawmakers about the state's Medicaid plans.

Two weeks ago, Nixon invited lawmakers on the Interim Committee on Medicaid Transformation and Reform to a meeting in an office building across the street from the governor's mansion to talk about the plans for Medicaid.

But prior to the announcement Tuesday, lawmakers asked the governor to reconsider holding the meeting in a public hearing in the state Capitol.

"If there is going to be a meeting, and we hope there is, that's why we accepted the governor's offer. The appropriate place is in the Capitol building following the procedures that we normally use and have in place," Rep. Jay Barnes, R-Jefferson City, said.

Barnes said he was hopeful the governor would be receptive to their plans.

"It would be my hope that he's very receptive, he said he wanted to have a conversation about, we accepted that offer, and so it would be my hope that he would say yes," Barnes said.

The governor cancelled the planned meeting in a statement to lawmakers.

"Given the assurances my office received in good faith from you on the form and content of the meeting, I can only conclude that this last-minute change of heart demonstrates that, as we saw last session, you and your leadership have chosen to give politics precedence over the substance of the discussion," Nixon wrote.

Special committees have been meeting for months now to discuss plans for the state's Medicaid.