Governor Nixon Encouraging Hunters to "Share the Harvest"

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COLUMBIA - Governor Nixon encouraged Missouri deer hunters Tuesday to "Share the Harvest."

Nixon met with hunters and conservationists at Midway USA, west of Columbia.  Midway USA is one of the biggest sellers of shooting supplies in America. The program by the Conservation Federation of Missouri and Missouri Department of Conservation urges hunters to donate extra deer meat to local food banks.

Nixon said the goal for this year is 10,000 deer donations -- about 4,000 more than last year.

"This year will be even bigger than ever," said Nixon.

The deer meat is high in protein, which food banks need urgently, Nixon claims.

He alsoclaimed more money is going to the Missouri Association of Food Banks, which includes Columbia-based "Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri".

Nixon will go hunting November 12th in Clark County in the northeast corner of the state to try to bag his annual donation.