Governor Nixon Signs Bill That Lets Pharmacies Choose

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COLUMBIA - Governor Jay Nixon signed a bill yesterday that will sheild Missouri pharmacies from requirements to stock specific drugs or devices.

This will give pharmacy owners the right to choose not to carry certain products.

Although this measure does not affect only emergency contraceptive medication, the controversial drug is at the center of this new legislation.

Pharmacist Erica Hopkins-Wadlow's store, D&H Drugstore, chooses to stock the medication and will continue to do so under the new plan.

But, Hopkins-Wadlow says she does respect other store's decision to not sell the medication.

"Nobody should be told you have to sell this at your pharmacy. That's ridiculous," Hopkins-Wadlow said.

She says that her pharmacy does choose to not carry other medication. This includes diet pills she says are not safe for patients.

If a patient is interested in getting medication that D&H Drugstore does not have in stock, Hopkins-Wadlow says she will explain why they do not carry it and send them somewhere that will have it on the shelves.