Governor Nixon Signs Bills, Vetoes Others

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JEFFERSON CITY - Gov. Jay Nixon signed eight bills into law Tuesday and vetoed another. 

Bills that were approved include one that makes provisions to an existing law regarding portable electronics insurance coverage and another relating to the Mental Health Employment Disqualification Registry.

The bill that was vetoed by the Governor, SB 29, would have allowed labor unions to use member fees for political contributions without the members' consent. 

In the veto letter the Gevernor said, "the bill places unnecessary burdens on public employees for the purpose of weakening labor organizations.  I therefore disapprove for Senate Substitute for Senate Commitee Substitute for Senate Bill No. 29."

The Governor has more than100 bills to look at and make decisions on before July 19.

One of the bills that still sits on his desk is the Second Amendment Presentation Act.  This bill would protect Missouri citizens' rights to firearms under the second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Provisions under this bill include allowing concealed weapons in schools, preventing of publishing names of gun owners, changing the required permimt age from 21 to 19, and also making federal gun regulations unenforceable.