Governor Nixon Speaks on Education

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COLUMBIA - Governor Nixon is blaming the economy and natural disasters for budget cuts in education.

Recent cuts to many school budgets has officials looking to cut corners. Rock Bridge High School Guidance Director Betsy Jones said there might be larger class sizes as a result.

Secondary education isn't the only level budget cuts are hitting. KHSB in Kansas City is reporting the largest reduction in state general revenue will come from operating budgets of public colleges and universities - that's $16.8 million colleges in Missouri won't see this year. Many schools are raising tuition to offset the lack of state funding.

Nixon met with Missouri educators in Columbia on Tuesday.  He also spoke about the importance of math and science, and encouraged educators to ask students to compete on an international level. 

Nixon said at the conference that he was concerned by student loan debt in the US, citing his own sons as an example of large amounts of money being owed.