Governor Nixon Vetoes Legislation

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JEFFERSON CITY - Governor Jay Nixon vetoed ten bills that already passed through the statehouse during the legislative session.

These bills include the controversial health care mandate that would allow religious organizations to be exempt from covering contraception processes.

Nixon said he vetoed this bill because it could end up giving insurance companies the right to deny women birth control who actually want to take it.

Other bills Nixon vetoed includes a bill that would change some local taxes, child custody, and banking.

The bill dealing with vehicle tax would overturn a recent state Supreme Court ruling against a local sales tax, something Nixon said should be decided by voters, not the legislature.

Another bill would require pet owners to surrender their animal to local authorities if it bites someone and they can't prove the animal had it's shots.  Nixon said the state already has effective laws for rabies.

Nixon also vetoed a bill that would allow courts to grant custody to adults who are not biological parents.  The governor says this could lead to unintended consequences and needed further review by the legislature.

Nixon did sign an election bill into law that would eliminate party emblems on ballots.  It would also eliminate June elections.

The governor has until Saturday July, 14, 2012 to sign or veto bills from this past legislative session.