Governor Parson talks masks, calls on young people

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JEFFERSON CITY - The same day that Missouri broke a record for new COVID-19 cases, Governor Parson said the state is in a good place.

The governor did acknowledge the large jump in cases, he called on young people to stop the spread of the virus.

"We need young people to take this virus seriously and understand the responsibility they have," Parson said.

Parson also said the state is in a better situation now than it was in the start of the pandemic.

"We are much better prepared to deal with the virus than we were in March," Parson said.

Parson emphasized the need to wear masks and social distance. The statement comes after he posted several photos this weekend of him not wearing a mask surrounded by other people.

The governor was asked if he thought it sent a misleading message, he said no.

“People are going to have to take that responsibility upon themselves..I've wore a mask when there was a requirement to wear a mask if I feel like I can keep that space I won't wear a mask."

The governor also announced $50 million in new grant programs for Missouri businesses. These critical programs will help Missouri businesses continue their operations, cover costs for increased PPE production, and keep them safe and moving forward.