Graduate Students Inspire Children

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COLUMBIA - Kids and their families went to Jesse Hall Saturday for the 6th annual "Mizzou Adventures in Education" led by 106 of Mizzou's graduate students.  The graduate students created and led several interactive booths including live animal displays, dinosaur fossils, and people teaching German. 

The booths were shaped around education, but fun activities also showed kids how interesting educational topics can be.

Kim Nochi is a second-year Masters student and led an activity where kids learned about abstract artist Jackson Pollock.  Nochi likes how they could make an activity for kids while learning about Pollock's type of art.

"Kids really like it, it's really engaging," said Nochi.  "And just to be able to know there's a painter out there who just flings paint around and uses unconventional materials is really fun for them to explore and experience."

George Justice is the Dean of the Graduate School.  This is Justice's third year as dean and said they continue to see more and more people showing up.

"We think we had more than 100 people show up in the first 15 minutes today," said Justice.  "It's grown exponentially and each year it continues to get bigger and better."

Justice said there are three great ways to summarize the benefits of the "Mizzou Adventures in Education" event.

"We want to get kids excited science, social sciences, about the arts, and about learning," said Justice.  "We want to plant the seed for their intellectual development at an early age."

Organizers said the graduate students working the booths are from more than 20 different majors.