Grandmother Cheers on Synchronized Skating Granddaughter

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Capital Classics synchronized skating teams practiced their routines Thursday for the annual Sweetheart Skating Competition in St. Louis for the upcoming weekend. Synchronized ice skating has not debuted as a sport in the Olympics yet, but one grandmother hopes it will someday.

Candy Jett has been watching her granddaughter Zoe Scrivner ever since she took her first steps out on the ice.

"The first time I got on the ice I was 18 months," Scrivner said. "Then I started lessons when I was three."

Even though Jett never skated herself, her two kids were ice skaters and her other grandchildren have also participated in speed skating. Jett said Zoe is always happy when she gets the chance to go to the arena.

"She enjoys it," Jett said, "It gives her good exercise, she loves the skating and the competitions and the traveling to go places and compete with others her age."

Practice times vary between the different age groups. Some groups practice two hours a week at the Washington Park Ice Arena and the more competitive skaters are on the ice seven days a week.

The Capital Classics compete three to four times in St. Louis and Kansas City, once in Jefferson City, and once on a full weekend trip out of state.