Granny's House

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COLUMBIA - After spending 16 years on Trinity Place, Granny's House has a new place to call home. 

With the help of outside local businesses such as the Veterans United Foundation, the organization was able to move to its own location on East Worley Street. The organization was previously in a shared space on Trinity Place. 

Pamela Ingram is the founder and executive director of Granny's House, but to those who know her, she's "granny."

"This is our home. That's why it is so special to me and to the children because this is ours now," Ingram said. "We can paint the walls and move things around because we own it, it's our place."

Granny's House is an organization that caters to the needs of young people living in public housing in the Columbia area. But to those who've been touched by the group, it provides so much more than after-school programming. 

Sue Crane is an associate circuit judge in the 13th Judicial Circuit. She said Granny's House touches young people in a personal kind of way.

"Young people can ask themselves, 'Is someone going to be there on my birthday? Is someone going to be at my graduation?' The answer is 'yes,'" Crane said. "And I can say yes because Granny's House makes it so."

The organization is funded with the help of private individuals, groups, local businesses, and various churches in the community. 

Volunteers include students from the University of Missouri, members of local churches, and residents who just want to help.

Verna LaBoy is a health educator and community activist. She said Granny's House provides something that is transforming the lives of families all over Columbia.

"Granny's House brings that component. It turns on a light for people," LaBoy said. "No home is ever the same once a child has been poured into at Granny's House."

Ingram also said the new location will provide opportunity for new programs to open up to more children. She plans to start a book club in the upcoming months to promote putting down phones and picking up books. 

"When I was a little girl, I used to get lost in books," Ingram said. "That's what I want to do in our new home, we're gonna make reading cool."