Grassroots Group Envisions Different Future Than City

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COLUMBIA - A grassroots organization is meeting Wednesday to brainstorm ideas to improve Columbia. A People's Visioning does not agree with most of the city's ideas from their task force, Columbia Imagined. A People's Visioning instead wants "local, sustainable" ideas to improve the city.

One of the biggest issues the group has with the city's plan to bring new business through the Enhanced Enterprise Zone and tax credits like TIF. The group instead wants to have start-up programs in local colleges and high schools to have the business start local and grow. They also want to help "mom and pop" neighborhood businesses. 

Another big point for A People's Visioning is sustainability and green technologies. They want the city to stop using coal, and instead use green energy. Energy friendly apartments and housing is one of their ideas. They also think having a bike sharing program like MU's would be a helpful addition to the city. 

The city has been working on Columbia's future since 2007. In 2008, the city presented it's final proposal. The city then began the process again, and has been working on a proposal since then. The task force "Columbia Imagined" plans to present it's final proposal at the end of October. 

The meeting starts at 6:30 at the Columbia Public Library. There will be vegan refreshments and live music. The group invites anybody to join.