Great Scott!

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COLUMBIA - Thomas Gardner is the last player to score 40 or more points for Mizzou when he hung 40 on Kansas in 2006. It's still the Mizzou Arena scoring record. Looking back fifty years, there is another memorable night in Tiger basketball.

Missouri basketball has had hall of famers, All-Americans, and Conference players of the year.

But on one night, half a century ago, a player without any of those accolades had the best night in Mizzou hoops history.

The 1960-61 Missouri basketball team recently celebrated it's 50 year reunion.

They talked about old times...and the legend of Joe Scott grew a little bit taller.

"If they had the three point line I truly think it would have been about 60 points," said teammate Terry Turlington.

"I took some bad shots that went in," recalled Scott.

"Well, one thing I remember is Joe just couldn't miss. He was on fire," continued Turlington.

Great scott - Joe Scott, number 22 - brought his best game against Nebraska in March of 1961.

"They talk about being in the zone, and I was kind of in the zone. I had more of those games when I was in high school then when I was in college, but it was pretty quiet actually," Scott said.

"If he got over the half-line, 2 or 3 steps, everything was fair game," recalled Turlington.

In 1992, Anthony Peeler scored 43 at Kansas.

In 2000, Clarence Gilbert used four overtimes to score 43 against Iowa State.

And in 1990, Doug Smith knocked down 44 against Nebraska.

But with no three point shot, no shot clock, Joe scott scored 46, still the Missouri basketball single-game record.

"Somebody asked if my most thrilling game was scoring 46. I said, 'no'," Scott recalled.

Because only five days later, Mizzou finished its season against number one Kansas.

And the Tigers won more than the game.

"Had a good fist fight, too. It was one of those great things. A great memory," said Scott.

"Our last game we had a fight with Kansas. It was national TV and everybody got in it, and I got kicked out. Wayne Hightower from Kansas got kicked out. He hit me first," said teammate Charles Henke.

Scott is now a lawyer in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, and says he cherishes his education most from his time at Mizzou.

"We never won the Big 8, we never went to the NCAA tournament, but we all got educations. Every member of our team has a B.S. or a masters. I've got the only doctorate," said Scott.

The shot doctor scored 46, and 50 years later, his record still stands.

"Well, they carried me off. I said something special's happened here. They carried me off and it turned out to be a record," remembered Scott.

Scott says he liked that freshman couldn't play on the varsity back when he played.

He says freshmen should focus on grades.

The freshman coach Scott's senior season at Mizzou was Norm Stewart.

Scott's teammate Terry Turlington is now a football replay official for the Big 12 conference.